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Ajna Light Benefits:

  • - Clarity of mind
  • - Relaxed and calm emotions
  • - Greater intuition
  • - Creativity
  • - Spiritual insight
  • - Meditative experiences
  • - Out of Body and Astral Projection

Why the Ajna Light?

The Ajna Light is a tool to help you experience meditation without any effort. The light also produces altered states of consciousness, similar to DMT for many people. Each Ajna Light journey is different, as it reflects the user's own consciousness, which is always changing. We find users go deeper into their inner world over time. As a spiritual tool the Ajna Light is unique, and very powerful.

The benefits of meditation are becoming more apparent to many peple living a stressed life. Research has showed meditation improves brain functioning, physically, and psychologically, along with well being and health. There are also many benefits from the Ajna Light ranging from developing better focus, memory recall, cognitive skills, problem solving and increased neuroplasticity to offset . Emotional well being, stress management, and slowing down the aging process.

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Ajna Light Instruction Videos

Short instructional videos to help you run your Ajna Light. Click on one of the video images to play it.

Ajna Light Videos

Guy Harriman and the Origins of the Ajna Light

The Ajna Light was developed at the lannayoga.com Healing Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand by Guy Harriman from October 2013 to July 2014. The first Ajna Light 1 was sold in August 2014. In this video made by Paul Spoule Guy talks about how the light came into being and how his life experience led up to creating the Ajna Light.

Dennis McKenna's First Ajna Light Journey

Dennis McKenna is the younger brother of Terrance McKenna, who first popularized Ayahuasca and Psilocybin mushrooms starting in the 1970s. Dennis is one of the leading researchers into DMT. We met at Tyringham Hall in the UK during a consciouness conference in July 2016. This is what he said after his first 10 minute journey on the Ajna Light.

Michael Tellinger and the Ajna Light

Michael Tellinger is well known for his work investigating ancient structures in South Africa, such as the many circles made out of hollow stones, and Adam's Calendar, a 23,000 year stone solar shadow calendar. Michael is has written the popular books "Slave Species of the Gods: The Secret History of the Anunnaki and Their Mission on Earth", and "Slave Species of God". He also founded the Ubuntu Party in South Africa, to make practical the Zulu abundance based social system. I put Michael and his partner Louise on the Ajna Light, using the 12V power supply in our trailer tent, in the South Australian outback near Flinder's Range, about 500km north of Adelaide during our tour of sacred sites with Eartheart 3-9 August 2015.

Ajna Light Journeys 1 Ocean came to the lannayoga.com Healing Center in Chiang Mai for over 30 Ajna Light sessions between June and September 2014. After a number of these sessions she talked about her experiences. This collection of recordings gives a great overview of the potential for Light Self Therapy with the Ajna Light. Ocean used the iLST feature (intentional Light Self Therapy) to generate her light pattern sequences for each trip, so she could explore the effects of different brainwave entrainment. She started with theta, then delta to explore the subconscious mind, and clear unconscious blocks, and then progressed to gamma and lambda to open herself to deep spiritual experiences of unity consciousness and emptiness (Bardoh in Tibetan meditation). She talks about the practical changes this has caused in her personality and everyday life. Her business has blossomed and she says she is now well grounded and emotionally balanced.

Ajna Light Journeys 2 Ocean talks again at the lannayoga.com Healing Center in Chiang Mai about the next set of her Ajna Light journeys, since she became a Light Ambassador in September 2014. The video was recorded after we had dinner on 3 November 2014. Ocean has found her own ways of applied Light Self Therapy to the issue she is coming up against in her spiritual journey, and gives inspiring insights into her self-empowered use of visionary inner journeys. Ocean has many people coming to her home near Chiang Mai University, and has already learned about holding space for people before and after their journeys, and facilitating the wise and beneficial approaches to iLST.

Ajna Light Journeys 3 - Clearing Repressed Anger Ocean talks again at the lannayoga.com Healing Center in Chiang Mai about accessing and releasing some deep childhood anger which she did not know she was holding onto for so many years. She gracefully and with clear insight describes how she worked with the Ajna Light to connect to the anger and then invite the anger for healing. This is a great example of intentional Light Self Therapy, the healing process which the Ajna Light was designed for.

Ajna Light Journeys 4 - Ocean Overview June 2015 Ocean talks about her whole Ajna Light experience of 166 hours during her first year of using the light. You can gain insight into her long term experience, how she has benefited from it, and how she feels now compared with when she started.

Ajna Light Journeys 5 - Ocean Recommendations June 2015 Ocean explains what she has discovered over the course of 166 hours of Ajna Light journeys with each brainwave frequency, and how she mixes them in iLST to create her own favorite journeys.

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Setting Up The Ajna Light

- On the Ajna Lamp Pyramid, attach the 1/4 Inch mount connector your tripod

- Plug in the headphone & wifi adapter to the usb slots located on the Ajna Light PC Box

- Connect the power supply to your outlet and wait a few minutes for the PC to boot up the wifi signal

- Connect to the AjnaLamp–XXXXXX WiFi acesss point with your choice of device, enter the password pineal777

- Open any web browser on your smartphone, tablet or laptop (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) and type in the address bar: al.com

It's that simple! That is all you have to do to connect. You don’t need to have WIFI or Internet access to use the Ajna Light, it creates it's own WiFI network (called a WiFi hotspot).

Shutting Down Your Light

Make sure the current session is completed or stopped, then touch the red shut down button on the top right hand corner in any of the Ajna Lamp or Neuro Light Control pages. Wait until the countdown is at zero before you unplug your light.

What is the IR Nasal Light?

The IR Nasal Light uses two red lasers which shine inside the nose to increase oxygen in the brain. This clears brain fog and reduces tiredness. The blood capilliaries inside of the nostrils are close to the surface and all the blood coming through them receives the IR laser light. This light separates the red bllod cells when they are coagulated, giving them their full surface area to carry oxygen. In China, most of the recent research on nasal IR light has been done for treatment of stroke and dementia.

The Nasal IR Light is very helpful on its own, or in conjunction with the PyraLight, Ajna Light and Neuro Light.

What is the Neuro Light and why use the IR Nasal Light?

The Neuro Light is a programmed set of 103 light journeys with specially composed Light patterns and Sound to activate different parts of the brain, with the goal of increased neuroplasticity. The Neuro Light is helped by the IR Nasal Light to increase oxygen in the brain. To reverse the degeneration of the brain which happens with aging, the brain needs the energy (provided by the IR Nasal Light) as well as stimulation (provided by the Neuro Light) for neurpolasticity. Only with sufficient energy can the brain rewire itself and remain young and flexible. The Light Journeys in the Neuro Light are based on the latest research in neuroplasticity, an exciting new area in natural antiaging wellness.

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